In Defense of my Husband


It has come to my attention that most of my relatives or former clients in Hinigaran have been complaining regarding my body works cessation. To those who may not know it, after leaving Boracay island, up until I got married, I had been practicing Massage Therapy here. Most of my clients were close relatives and family friends only. While some of them had been regularly getting massages, others only needed my service at times when their body really calls for it. But just like everything else, there’s also a time for me to say goodbye to that skill and just exclusively serve my husband. Don’t get me wrong. I love doing massages. Clients were generous in terms of remuneration and I also get a constant scoop of the ‘elite gossips’ given that most of them belong to the high society, so to speak.

However, things are different now. My husband has decided that I, as his wife, just stay at home and take care of him and Ken while he does the toiling. He is a good provider. The financial burden that I was carrying in the past being a single mother is somehow being taken care of. While I also long to have a career, I need to give my husband the chance to prove to me that he can take care of me… of us. He has decided on this and I shall respect it. We have already fought several times over this matter in the past but I realized that I need to compromise. I know I always say that in my posts, but this time, I need to implement it. While I do believe that I can do more than being just a housewife, I see no point to any success when a part of me knows that my husband is not happy about it.

If my husband may have offended a couple of relatives by pulling me out of this line of work, I am sorry. But I am sticking by my husband 100%. If you are a wife who has sacrificed a great deal of opportunity just by preserving your marriage, I know you will understand me.


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