NOCECO has got to get their act together or else….


I am a resident of Hinigaran, province of Negros Occidental. I love it here and I just can’t see myself residing elsewhere. However, the ever-frequent power interruption most of the time, if not on a daily basis, is what irks me and my husband the most. There is this popular hearsay that whenever there is a brown-out, that it is NOCECO’s manner of reminding the townsfolk to pay their electricity bill. I thought it was rather funny. However my dear readers, the frequent brown-out is no longer a laughing matter. What if you are working online? What if you’re in an emergency clinic where a sudden power interruption could risk your life? What if your sole comfort at home is a single electric fan to get you to rest? If that is only a reminder, well NOCECO people, we have already paid our bills but you still keep shutting our powers off!

We call your office and all your representatives would say is that they have no clue as to why there is an interruption and that they are not usually informed as to when the power resumes. Aren’t they paid to give people the information?

To those who would be willing enough, I humbly ask all business establishments in this town to send me a report of their losses every time there is a brown-out. I will gather all the data and will come up with something to slap it in NOCECO’s face. I sure hope the president of NOCECO is reading this.

What is your tagline again? “We serve because we care?” Well let me say this once and for all, and you better listen and you listen good, You, NOCECO, just do not care at all! You have got to get your act together or else…. all hell breaks loose! And this is coming from a subscriber who has had enough of your bulls**t!


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