My husband turns into a monster when he’s working!


It amazes me that Ralph and I are still very much together up to this point. To date, we have been married for four months now (yeah, I know I made it sound like it’s been over a year lol) and we still say we love each other everyday! However, it has been four months of confusions, sudden bursts of happiness, extreme jealousies, etc. Indeed, there are some downsides to having a husband or lifetime partner whom you met over the internet instead of the normal ‘real-life’ courtship. Although I wouldn’t have it otherwise. And I don’t regret being Mrs. Ritoch!

Of course, prior to his ‘big move’, he did tell me that he is normally workaholic. It was not a turn-off at all. On the contrary, it gave me the impression that having a workaholic husband means extra-stability, although it certainly wasn’t a requirement. He also told me he’s super jealous, and I thought it was very sweet.

Well….. I didn’t know that he turns into a monster when he’s busy at work! And he gives the coldest stares every time he gets jealous or feels like he’s not being loved! Several times have I gotten my head blown off just because I was not aware that he was logged in at ODesk already and have started working on his programming tasks. One time, I simply asked a question and multi-tasking was obviously not one of his skills because having him divert his attention from one subject to another can grow fangs on his teeth and make his reaction go wild! It was as if seeing someone you love transform into someone dark…someone hostile! Naturally, being an equally meaner personality that I am, I won’t just keep my mouth shut and let him undermine me, which makes everything worst sometimes. Papa usually shakes his head whenever Ralph and I get into a huge fight because he can’t believe that such a very small issue will turn out to cause so much anguish, not just on us, the couple, but on everyone living in the house where we are.

I guess you can call that split personality. OH WAIT… make that ‘multiple personality’, because there were times too that I could not believe he was acting the way he does sometimes, as if I’m with another person! I actually told him about it and he just laughed it off. The reason why I mentioned earlier that I sometimes feel sudden bursts of happiness was because there were days when he’s just pure heaven to be with and that everything with him is just too good to be true!

I know that we are still in the adjustment period, and I am sure that there is so much more to find out as we continue to trudge this long road of our marriage. The changes in his personality is just a minor issue, really. What matters is that the love is still alive and the flame is still burning, hot and pink!