Unappreciated and Damn Sinusitis!


The floor of our room has been very dusty lately that I decided to clean it today. Initially, I was only supposed to sweep the floor but as I started to move the furniture around, my interest to rearrange the bedroom grew each passing minutes. Normally, I redo my bedroom twice a week, but that was when I was still single and didn’t cohabit yet with a husband. Rearranging my bedroom or anything I feel like doing inside the house has been one of my biggest passions since I was given the authority to touch things inside the house.

Unfortunately though, my husband is not a biggest fan of interior design. There was one time when it caused a huge fight between us because he felt like he has not fully adapted yet to the move that he needed to be more ‘at-home’ first with what was initially there when he first moved in. Today, I felt like I somehow cheated a bit because Ralph moved his laptop in the kitchen while we were having breakfast and I left him working, too engrossed with whatever programming he was working on. All he knew was that I was going to do some cleaning inside the bedroom. I was just lucky because if Ralph starts to focus on doing something, no amount of distraction can get his concentration off of the work he’s doing, which was basically the reason why he has not even noticed or heard even that I started moving the bed from inside the room. The only time he knew about it was when he was finished and needed to lay down in the bed that he saw what has been done in the bedroom. I didn’t say anything but I saw the look on his face that he wasn’t too happy about it. He was very quiet and when I took his hand and squeezed it like I always do, I asked him if he was ok and if he was upset with me. He didn’t say anything but mumbled something about how he hates the layout of the room. I just pretended I didn’t hear it but I did remove my hand from his and turned to the other side of the bed. I was feeling mixed emotions.

Yeah I know that he was not going to be happy about it but I did it anyway. My only point there is, what I did was so minor and I did work hard for it to the point where the dust has caused my sinuses to act up. I am sniffing and blowing my nose as I write this. A simple “thank you” would have made me feel better at least.