A New Yorker in the Philippine’s Unusual Cold weather


I don’t know if it’s supposed to be this cold here in January but last night and the night before last were the coldest that I have ever felt in my life. Hmmnn, ok maybe not…. I remember feeling completely so numb like this before and it happened a year ago I think….yeah…. and it also hit the news ‘coz there was this one guy who died due to that cold temperature in Baguio city. Baguio is already cold so imagine how colder it must be during these times. I actually like cold weather because my zits don’t act up and I don’t sweat like a pig. However, my dad has always said that he would prefer a hot day over a cold one because if it gets cold, it’s hard to be comfortable whereas if it’s just hot, all you have to do is get a fan or cold beverages and wella! you’ll be fine! I guess he’s right. Hmmnnn, I still like the cold.

Speaking of cold though, you will not believe what had happened! My husband, who has spent 32 years of his life living in a cold country, has stopped in the middle of our lunch today and said “This is ridiculous! I can’t take this anymore… I’ll be back!” …. Dumbfounded, I just stared at his half-eaten plate, watched him leave and waited curiously for him to come back. I thought he had a sudden urge to defecate but he came back wearing a sweatshirt and he was actually hugging himself! He was feeling cold! And imagine how cold it is at the moment in New York city where used to be. Awww…. I thought that was sweet! He’s become a full-fledged Filipino!!!

If that was sweet, wait ’till we went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night because I could hear him sniffing and blowing his nose forcefully. He was just too annoyed and thought there was something in the air. It was very cold and he was wearing nothing on top! Naturally, I suggested that he put something on to cover his back from the cold but all I got was a sneering remark about how there was no connection at all between a bare back in a cold weather and his sniffing and sneezing. I was close to tears but just bit my lip from saying anything nasty in response ‘coz it was already late and I didn’t want to start a fight. He continued sniffing and blowing his nose until he later rested his head on my arm and I started massaging his occiput (that back part of the head or skull). He did say it kind of relieved his sniffing. Hmmmnnn…. if he said thank you? I forgot if he did. LOL. Good thing he was able to sleep afterwards though.

Just what is it with men and listening to their wives sometimes? It’s getting to be very frustrating.