The Nightmare from Nightmare on Elm Street


Finally! My husband and I are down to the 2nd to the last part of the movie “Nightmare on Elm Street”! We’ve just finished watching part 7 of the movie which was entitled “The New Nightmare” where the producer himself Wes Craven appeared as himself. Ralph and I both love to watch all suspense, horror and thriller films and when he found out that I have only watched one among the eight parts of the Nightmare on Elm Street movie, he’s made it his mission for me to complete them all. Hence, I still have one more ‘Nightmare’ left which, as far as I know, is entitled Freddy vs. Jayson. Honestly, It was kind of exasperating to keep having to watch new versions of it when they have killed Freddy Krueger over and over in all the endings of every Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Worst, some of them didn’t even offer an explanation on how Freddy Krueger was sent back after burning him or using Holy Water on him.

I don’t know, all these suspense and horror films have made me jumpy these past few days. There was this one time when I thought my husband looked like a vampire ‘coz his facial features just resemble the ones I have seen in the movie Interview with the Vampire. Ralph just laughed it off at first but then later seemed to be amused with the idea that I was a bit scared of his resemblance with the vampire that he often does vampire gestures and noises! I don’t mind when he does the Vampire seduction on me though. That part I really like!



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