Movie Marathon


Ok, well it’s now 11:10 PM and I can hardly sleep. Had a lot of Coke tonight after dinner so the caffeine is boosting me up. Ralph and I just finished watching the movie “Jennifer’s Body” and I think that this Megan Fox girl rocks! The only movie of her that I have ever watched is the “Transformer 1” and I heard that there was a sequel to that. Anyway, back to this girl, yeah she’s such a babe that I know my husband didn’t take his eyes off the screen the entire time. Not that I blame him. He must want to look at something slender once in a while :-).

I know I have not blogged on here in a while. There’s just so much to do like learning how to do French Toast lol and adding life to the never-ending Pancit Canton that I have no trouble serving my husband on a daily basis. Christmas, New Year and my birthday have all passed but they weren’t really celebrated grandly. Heck, I felt we didn’t celebrate any of them at all! Ralph and I had been fighting an awful lot and I got sick on my birthday!

I am presently laying low from writing and Ralph and I are planning to venture into a real business here in Hinigaran, my hometown. We still have not finalized something yet so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Ralph’s kinda looking into food business though. Me, I really am skeptic about business ventures. One, I am financially unprepared, two is that I am just too afraid to take a risk. Ralph is the risk-taker here.

As with my relationship with Ralph, we’re ok. We do have more horrible moments than the good ones but we’re trying hard to get through them. I just need to work on my patience more and try to take down some of my ego and pride. I should also learn to accept that husbands just don’t listen to their wives most of the times and don’t always say they’re sorry :-). I guess that’s just too much for them.